Property Management Software

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Landlord Portal

Provide to your landlords a high degree of property management transparency.

You can easily give access to whomever your landlord wants to have access to the portal by simply adding their email address or mobile phone number. No complex registration is needed. Does your landlord wish he could have his accountant login to retrieve data each month? Simply add the accountant for the specific buildings he needs to access and choose his permission level.

  1. Landlord Portal
  2. Board of
    Directors Portal
  3. Multi-use
    Customer Portal
  4. Files Sharing
  5. Historical Data
  6. Passwordless Authentication

Our plans
are all inclusive

Get the full benefit of the platform without having to upgrade your plan or purchase add-ons. Everything is included with Eversa.

    1. Unlimited number of employee accounts

    2. Sub-organization possibility

    3. Files storing and sharing

    4. Notes creation areas

    5. Reports generation tool

    6. Tasks management

    7. Providers information

    8. Data archiving