Property Management Software



Your Branding, Everywhere

Get the look and feel of a multinational corporation with tools that feel as if they were built for you.

With access to multiple tools that will have your branding only, your customers will feel like you spent a considerable amount of money to get everything custom built. Eversa is even better than that since you don’t even have to worry about maintaining those custom built tools.

  1. Your Branding, Everywhere
  2. Your Listings Website
  3. Automated Application Process
  4. Your Branded
    Login Page
  5. Self checkout Customer Portal
  6. We handle Maintenance

Our plans
are all inclusive

Get the full benefit of the platform without having to upgrade your plan or purchase add-ons. Everything is included with Eversa.

    1. Unlimited number of employee accounts

    2. Sub-organization possibility

    3. Files storing and sharing

    4. Notes creation areas

    5. Reports generation tool

    6. Tasks management

    7. Providers information

    8. Data archiving