Property Management Software

Open the door to automated ease

Designed in close collaboration with professionals confronted with the challenges of property management on a daily basis, Eversa is a complete tool that simplifies and lightens property manager’s tasks.

Property Management Software
White Labeled Property Management Software

Dynamic Branding

What better way to improve your branding than have only your logo on all your tools.

You control your image!Every tool in this property management software from Eversa is branded to your image at no additional cost. Get a free listing website, application form and client portal controlled from inside the software to bring your property management company to a new level.

Application Forms

Your team wont have to deal with double entry again. To simplify the often-laborious process of acquiring new tenants, Eversa includes an integrated online application form that requires minimal effort on the part of your team and your potential tenant.

Through the application process, you will be provided with a free credit report for each of your potential tenants.

Integrated Rental Application Form Property Management Software

Customizable Solutions

Tailored Modules Property Management Software

Do you have a unique flow or perfected a method to get ahead of the competition, but no software on the market can replicate it?

Customizable Solutions Property Management Software

Our team can tailor the software to cater to your unique needs so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Automated Customer Portal Property Management Software

Automated Customer Portal

Designed to minimize the need for customer service interventions while optimizing its quality, the client portal acts as an information-sharing system for your landlords and condominium or strata board of directors.

Tailor-made Hierarchies

Do you have multiple offices, operate multiple branches or have different divisions?

Eversa lets you customize your organization and decide who has access to what data. Improve your security and minimize the impact of social engineering and phishing attacks with data compartmentalization.

Create multiple divisions and offices Property Management Software